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With a focus on quality healthcare, we connect patients with a leading Australian based medical team for around-the-clock support at every stage of their health journey.

hub.health uses a secure digital health platform to provide discreet, convenient and affordable access to medical certificates from Australian Registered Health Practitioners.

About hub.health

We’re here to improve people’s lives by providing easy, fast, and convenient access to doctors and treatments through digital healthcare platforms.

Our Mission

Wait times for GP and hospital care are on the rise, creating a barrier that prevents people from accessing healthcare when they need it most.

hub.health is a professional service with a focus on quality healthcare. Led by an established Australia-based medical team, we’ve simplified experiences and improved accessibility to deliver healthcare with trust, empathy, and respect.

How do medical certificates work with hub.health?

hub.health uses a secure digital health platform to provide convenient and affordable access to medical certificates from an Australian based medical team.

When requesting a medical certificate, patients provide our clinicians with detailed information on their symptoms and general health. Our clinicians then review these responses and may initiate a telehealth call to validate the patient’s symptoms or gather further information. The practitioner will then determine whether a medical certificate should be provided and if appropriate, this will be delivered to the patient via email.

Contact us

If you would like to validate the authenticity of a medical certificate from hub.health, please use the contact form below, or phone our practice support team on (07) 3497 5752, who can confirm its authenticity.

Please note that due to patient confidentiality we are unable to provide any patient information via this service.

Medical Certificate FAQs

Is everyone guaranteed a Medical Certificate through hub.health?

Our team provides the highest standard of healthcare, assessing each patient individually. If our medical team determines a potential risk related to a prolonged medical condition, the assigned practitioner may provide recommendations for the next steps, including an in-person GP visit for further assessment.

What is the number of days the medical certificate covers?

Our medical certificates cover up to 2 days from when the medical certificate is requested. Patients can specify how many days they require within the questionnaire.

Can my medical certificate be backdated?

No, unfortunately we are unable to backdate medical certificates but you can request a certificate for the current day.

Is a telehealth call required?

One of our clinicians will assess the responses to an online questionnaire to determine whether a call is required. Our medical team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of healthcare and will assess each patient individually. If the clinician does require a call, this is typically brief and the patient will not be charged any additional amount for the call.

Who approves medical certificate requests?

All medical certificate requests are reviewed by one of our Australian-registered health practitioners – either a doctor or a nurse practitioner.
Nurse practitioners are highly skilled and experienced clinicians who hold a Masters degree and are empowered to work autonomously without the supervision of a doctor. They are able to provide a wide range of healthcare services including medical certificates.