Find a doctor online with telehealth appointments in Australia
Find a doctor online with telehealth appointments in Australia

Orders and deliveries has a considered and supportive refund policy. We aim to accommodate both company requirements and patient experience. We’ll do our best to find a solution within our refund policy guidelines. However, there may be cases where we can’t issue a refund. In those instances, we’ll provide an explanation.

If a refund is approved, it may take up to 14 days to process. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method provided. We cannot process refunds to alternative payment methods or issue account credit.


Refunds may not be issued for completed consultations. If a patient declines or doesn’t accept the treatment plan after a consultation, this may not warrant a refund. Refund requests in these cases will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If a patient cancels their consultation before their booking, a refund may be considered. Please contact our patient support team for assistance. If cancels a consultation booking, the patient will be offered the option to rebook or receive a refund.


Refunds will not be issued for orders processed and completed by our partner pharmacies. The refund cutoff time is once the order is processed for delivery. Cancellations after this cutoff time will generally not be eligible for a refund, except in certain circumstances.

In some cases where orders are cancelled after the refund cutoff time, a refund may be issued. These cases may include situations where the ordered treatment plan is no longer available or where there’s an incorrect treatment plan or pricing error. Faulty or damaged products may also be eligible for a refund, provided certain conditions are met.

Delivery: engages a third-party service provider for all deliveries. We are not responsible for product damage, lost items, or delayed deliveries. If you encounter an issue with a delivery, please contact our support team for guidance on submitting a request to the designated delivery partner for investigation. We cannot request a refund from the third-party service provider on your behalf.

Suggested Returns/Replacement Policy:

Due to state health regulations, we do not accept returns. General medicines and prescriptions, including any preparation taken orally or injected, cannot be returned or reused. If you have an issue with a product, please contact our patient support team. Product replacement requests will be evaluated case by case.

It’s important to note that there may be instances where a replacement may not be issued. These instances include items not collected within a reasonable time, delays in delivery, and product faults or damages. Faulty or damaged medications should be disposed of responsibly at your nearest pharmacy.

Brenda – 35

from $26.00 for 3 months

Dianne – 35

from $34.00 for 1 month


from $23.00 for 4 months


from $23.00 for 3 months


from $23.00 for 4 months

Femme 100/20

from $23.00 for 4 months

Femme 150/30

from $23.00 for 4 months

Lenest 20ED (3)

from $23.00 for 3 months

Lenest 30ED (4)

from $20.00 for 3 months


from $26.00 for 4 months


from $40.00 for 3 months

Logynon (b)

from $28.00 for 3 months

Madeline 150/30

from $18.00 for 1 month


from $18.00 for 1 month

Microgynon 20/100

from $55.00 for 3 months

Microgynon 30

from $35.00 for 4 months

Microgynon 50

from $23.00 for 4 months


from $23.00 for 4 months

Micronelle 100/20

from $20.00 for 3 months

Micronelle 150/30

from $20.00 for 4 months


from $20.00 for 4 months


from $30.00 for 4 months

Noriday 350mcg 4×28 Tab

from $23.00 for 4 months


from $25.00 for 4 months


from $87.00 for 3 months

Primolut N

from $30.00 for 1 month


from $88.00 for 3 months


from $70.00 for 3 months


from $79.00 for 3 months

Trifeme (a)

from $23.00 for 4 months

Triphasil 28 4×28 Tab

from $35.00 for 4 months

Triquilar (b)

from $33.00 for 4 months


from $84.00 for 3 months


from $80.00 for 3 months


from $80.00 for 3 months


from $80.00 for 3 months