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We’ve designed a healthcare platform centred around your life. With quick and easy consultations, fully managed treatments, and fast delivery to your door, we enable personalised healthcare for a better life.

Manage your health online in 3 easy steps

Find an online doctor using our secure and convenient digital healthcare platform from the comfort of your own home

Tell us about your issue​

Answer some simple questions about yourself and your symptoms, online anytime.

Make the most of hub.health web doctor services to request a prescription, get a medical cert online or book a general telehealth consult

Consult with an Australian based medical team​

Our clinician will review your answers, request more info, and prescribe treatment if required.

Speak with a doctor online, consult with an Australian based medical team and have medication delivered to your door

Treatments are delivered to your door

Purchase your medication and we’ll deliver it to your door.

Frequently asked questions

hub.health consultations have a one-off cost of $35.

hub.health clinicians provide the highest standard of healthcare, assessing each patient on an individual basis. If our medical team determines a potential risk related to a specific prescription or treatment, it will not be issued.

Our team will provide recommendations for next steps, including in-person GP visits for further assessment.

In most cases a hub.health clinician or pharmacist (where appropriate) will review your assessment and respond within 24-hours.

We don’t believe in annual subscriptions or membership fees. You only ever pay for your consultation (if needed) and treatments.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. However, given there are no ongoing annual fees, we suggest delaying any remaining repeats you have for future use, if required.

Yes! When you organise your healthcare with hub.health, consider your repeats handled. We’ll ensure you never miss a repeat.

Morning after pill treatments include same day delivery and arrive in standard pharmacy packaging.

All other treatments will be dispatched within 1-3 days and sent via express delivery. Your product is shipped in an Australia Post package, which means it will be completely discreet.

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Avoid waiting rooms, pharmacy queues and awkward conversations.

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Repeats automatically dispatched when they’re due

Get fast and convenient follow ups for ongoing care

Brenda – 35

from $26.00 for 3 months

Dianne – 35

from $34.00 for 1 month


from $23.00 for 4 months


from $23.00 for 3 months


from $23.00 for 4 months

Femme 100/20

from $23.00 for 4 months

Femme 150/30

from $23.00 for 4 months

Lenest 20ED (3)

from $23.00 for 3 months

Lenest 30ED (4)

from $20.00 for 3 months


from $26.00 for 4 months


from $40.00 for 3 months

Logynon (b)

from $28.00 for 3 months

Madeline 150/30

from $18.00 for 1 month


from $18.00 for 1 month

Microgynon 20/100

from $55.00 for 3 months

Microgynon 30

from $35.00 for 4 months

Microgynon 50

from $23.00 for 4 months


from $23.00 for 4 months

Micronelle 100/20

from $20.00 for 3 months

Micronelle 150/30

from $20.00 for 4 months


from $20.00 for 4 months


from $30.00 for 4 months

Noriday 350mcg 4×28 Tab

from $23.00 for 4 months


from $25.00 for 4 months


from $87.00 for 3 months

Primolut N

from $30.00 for 1 month


from $88.00 for 3 months


from $70.00 for 3 months


from $79.00 for 3 months

Trifeme (a)

from $23.00 for 4 months

Triphasil 28 4×28 Tab

from $35.00 for 4 months

Triquilar (b)

from $33.00 for 4 months


from $84.00 for 3 months


from $80.00 for 3 months


from $80.00 for 3 months


from $80.00 for 3 months