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Thrush Treatment


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If you think you’re experiencing the early signs of thrush, it’s important to find the best thrush treatment for you.

In some cases, vaginal thrush can lead to more serious problems, particularly when it occurs alongside other symptoms, such as fever, chills, redness, swelling or pain.

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Approximately 70-75% of women will experience vaginal thrush in their lifetime, with symptoms of itching, burning, and a thick, white discharge.

Of these women, around 40-50% will suffer from repeated episodes of thrush, and 5-8% may experience recurrent thrush.

Vaginal thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI). However, sexual activity can disrupt the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina and cause tiny vaginal tears that may increase the risk of a woman developing thrush.


Risk factors for thrush

Vaginal thrush can affect women of all ages, however, certain factors can increase the risk of developing vaginal thrush.

These factors include:

  • Taking antibiotics, which can kill the good bacteria that keep the yeast in balance
  • Having a weakened immune system, which can make it harder for the body to fight off infection
  • Wearing tight-fitting clothes or synthetic underwear, which can trap moisture and provide a breeding ground for the yeast
  • Having diabetes, which can increase the amount of sugar in the vagina, making it a more hospitable environment for the yeast
Pelvic Pain

When to seek medical advice about thrush

Your health should always be a top priority. Taking the time to care for yourself allows you to live a more positive lifestyle. It’s particularly important to see a clinician if:

  • You have a smelly vaginal discharge
  • This is the first time you’ve had symptoms of thrush
  • Symptoms of thrush don’t clear up after 7 to 14 days
  • You have four or more yeast infections in a year
  • You have diabetes
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are concerned you or your partner may have an STI

It’s time to look after your health

Are you frustrated with symptoms of thrush? The symptoms associated with thrush can cause discomfort and negatively impact your daily life. Find clinically proven thrush treatments online and get rid of thrush fast with

Frequently asked questions

The most common vaginal thrush symptoms include:

  • Persistent discomfort, itchiness, or burning in the genital area
  • Tears in the skin surrounding the genitals
  • A thick, white, cottage-cheese like discharge
  • Swelling and/or redness around the vulva or vagina
  • Stinging or burning sensation when urinating or having sex

The thrush treatment our doctors prescribe is specific to vaginal thrush.

Vaginal thrush treatment options include 3 Day Cream, 6 Day Cream, 1 Tablet, or Combination. Your assigned clinician will ask which treatment option you prefer during your initial questionnaire.

Once your treatment has been paid for, we will ship with express delivery to anywhere in Australia, meaning your package should arrive within 1-3 days. Your product is shipped in an Australia Post package, which means it will be completely discreet.

Of course! If you log into your profile and head to the ‘Products’ tab, you will see a ‘Manage Treatment’ button. Click this and you’ll see the ability to send a message to your clinician. If you’re having any issues, just drop us a line at [email protected]

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