Find a doctor online with telehealth appointments in Australia
Find a doctor online with telehealth appointments in Australia
Insomnia and Sleep Treatments


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Our sleep treatments include prescription medications that promote restful sleep. Effectively treating sleep problems can improve quality of life and overall wellbeing.

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Why is effective treatment for sleep so important?

Poor sleep quality can have serious health effects, impacting a person’s overall quality of life. Evidence suggests that persistent sleep problems can increase the risk of developing and aggravating certain chronic health conditions, including type-2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and mental health conditions. 

When trouble falling asleep or restless sleep keeps a person awake at night, sleep treatments can help to promote sleep, reduce anxiety, and decrease daytime fatigue. In combination with behavioural techniques and healthy sleep hygiene, achieving better sleep is possible.


Melatonin for sleep problems

Studies show that melatonin is one of the most effective treatments for sleep problems related to secondary causes such as jet lag and shift work, where the body’s sleep-wake cycle becomes compromised. In these cases, melatonin has been shown to improve sleep latency, sleep quality, and morning alertness after three weeks of treatment in adults with primary insomnia.

Melatonin mimics the body’s natural circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle, significantly reducing sleep latency and increasing total sleep time. The best part is that melatonin is a natural substance that doesn’t cause withdrawal or symptoms of dependence.

In Australia, a doctor’s prescription is required to access melatonin. Melatonin sleep products found in pharmacies are a homoeopathic form that has been significantly weakened to the stage where the active ingredient is practically ineffective.

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Other medications for sleep problems

Adequate sleep quality and duration are essential in supporting good physical and mental health, helping to regulate appetite, metabolism and mood, as well as immune, hormonal and cardiovascular functioning.

A class of medications called Orexin Receptor Antagonist can treat sleep problems and insomnia by blocking wakefulness, helping people to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Antihistamines – the common hayfever and allergy medication – have sedating properties that also serve as an effective sleep aid for people struggling with insomnia or sleep problems.

What about benzos?

There’s no denying that benzodiazepines, or “benzos”, are an effective treatment option to fix sleep issues and insomnia.

The major downside to benzos is that they are potentially habit-forming.

For this reason, the medical team does not prescribe benzos for the treatment of sleep problems.

With, all treatments are reviewed and prescribed as recommended by Therapeutic Guidelines Australia (TGA).

Treatment options
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Tips to improve sleep

In combination with prescription medication, the following sleep hygiene strategies can help to promote healthy sleep:

  • Establishing a regular bedtime routine with the same bedtime and waketime
  • Creating a comfortable bedroom environment with a suitable mattress and pillow for comfort and support
  • Avoiding exercise close to bedtime
  • Avoiding daytime napping
  • Limiting consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine
  • Minimising screen time close to bedtime
  • Avoiding heavy meals within 3 hours of bedtime

How does sleep treatment work with

The medical team specialises in sleep problems. They will work with you to develop the most effective treatment plan for sleep problems and insomnia. Rather than the standard doses found in over-the-counter medications, our medical team prescribes tailored dosages and frequency of use plans, available in:

  • Melatonin prolonged-release (PR) tablets
  • Prescription-strength neurotransmitters 
  • Antihistamines


With, all follow-up consults are securely hosted online in the comfort of your home.

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Are you struggling to fall asleep? Or is restless sleep keeping you awake all night? Start a conversation with the medical team, who are dedicated to helping people manage their sleep issues.

Frequently asked questions doctors cannot prescribe sleep treatments such as Benzodiazepines (benzos) as they are potentially habit-forming drugs. If you think you may need these, please speak to your local GP.

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