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We’ve designed a healthcare platform centred around your life. With online doctor consultations, fully managed treatments, and fast delivery to your door, we enable personalised healthcare for a better life.

Manage your health online in 3 easy steps.

1. Tell us about your issue

Answer some simple questions about yourself and your symptoms, online anytime.

2. Consult with an Australia-based Doctor

Our doctor will review your answers, request more info, and prescribe
treatment if required.

3. Treatments are delivered to your door

Purchase your medication and we’ll deliver it to your door.


How much does the doctor consultation cost? doctor consultations have a one-off cost of $25, which is fully refundable if treatment is denied, or you choose not to proceed with treatment.

Am I guaranteed a prescription (where required) and treatment? doctors provide the highest standard of healthcare, assessing each patient on an individual basis. If our medical team determines a potential risk related to a specific prescription or treatment, it will not be issued.

Our team will provide recommendations for next steps, including in-person GP visits for further assessment. If this occurs, any fees you’ve paid will be refunded (for prescription-based treatments).

How long until a doctor or pharmacist responds?

A doctor or pharmacist (where appropriate) will review your assessment and respond within 24-hours. In most cases, you’ll hear from them sooner than this.

Do you have a membership fee?

We don’t believe in annual subscriptions or membership fees. You only ever pay for your consultation (if needed) and treatments.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. However, given there are no ongoing annual fees, we suggest delaying any remaining repeats you have for future use, if required.

Do you handle my repeats?

Yes! When you organise your healthcare with, consider your repeats handled. We’ll ensure you never miss a repeat.

How fast will my treatment be delivered and how is it packaged?

Morning after pill treatments include same day delivery and arrive in standard pharmacy packaging.

All other treatments will be shipped via express post to anywhere in Australia. You should receive your treatment within 1-3 days, and they’ll arrive in discreet Australia Post packaging.

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