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Results of the Contraceptive Pill

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With convenient access to the contraceptive pill online, your birth control plan can be easily managed from the comfort of your home with hub.health.

Is the contraceptive pill 100% effective?

The contraceptive pill is 99.7% effective when used perfectly. This rate of success drops slightly when human error is considered (when you miss a dose or take it at a different time each day).

Oral contraceptives are more than 99% effective when used perfectly.



As one of the most popular methods of contraception, most women will find a type of birth control pill suitable for their situation.

However, the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and the pill isn’t 100% foolproof – pregnancy can still occur. So it is important to use a backup method of contraception if you believe you’ll be at risk.

How effective is the pill?

The birth control pill is a highly effective method of contraception. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the pill is more than 99% effective when used correctly. However, the pill is not perfect, and there is a slight chance of becoming pregnant even when following the instructions correctly.

Several factors can affect the pill’s effectiveness, including vomiting, diarrhoea, certain medications, and missed doses.

It’s important to speak with your medical team if you are concerned about the efficacy of the birth control pill.

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At hub.health, we’re passionate about women’s health and will work with you to find the most effective contraceptive pill for your needs.

Whether you’re looking to better manage the symptoms of a menstrual condition or are using the pill to prevent pregnancy, we’ll review your patient profile and prescribe a treatment that allows you to experience successful results.

Contraceptive Pill FAQs

Which contraceptive pill brands do you offer?

Our medical team prescribe all major birth control pill brands. You’ll be given the opportunity to request your preference during the initial questionnaire.

Can I change my pill brand if for some reason it isn’t suitable?

Absolutely! To request a change of pill brand, log into your profile and start a new consultation. Your assigned clinician will respond within 24-hours.

If you’re experiencing any issues, contact our team at [email protected]

Is the contraceptive pill 100% effective?

The contraceptive pill is 99.7% effective when used perfectly. This rate of success drops slightly when human error is considered (when you miss a dose or take it at a different time each day).

Are there any side effects associated with taking the contraceptive pill?

Like any medication, side effects are a possibility. The hormones in the contraceptive pill may cause side effects, but they usually disappear after a few months. Common side effects include:

Sore breasts
Period changes
Spotting (bleeding between periods)

The contraceptive pill shouldn’t make you feel sick or uncomfortable. So, if you’re experiencing any persisting or prolonging side effects of concern, consult with your hub.health clinician for further review. A change of brands may be required.

Can I speak with my assigned clinician at any time?

Of course! Our online platform enables ongoing support whenever you need it. To chat with your medical team, log into your profile, head to the ‘Products’ tab and select ‘Manage Treatment’. This is where you can message your clinician.

Our team is also available at [email protected] Drop us a line, anytime.

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